Spring is blooming in New York City - 


Life like the seasons, work in cyclical and recurring ways. I admire the seasons, the beauty of change, establishing renewal by approaching endings and entering new beginnings. As we all are experiencing difficultly in predicting what will come next, we must trust this time for renewal. Our world is re-inventing every facet of itself and will never be the same as yesterday. I find another worldview at play, and the time for change seems right. Bad habits are to be seduced carefully and slowly escorted out of the world. 

The older I get I see the incredible power people have in the realms of our lives. I am inspired most how people have the capacity to create products and services to improve the lives of others. It's the art of creating cultural currencies through self-expression. The more insight you have into your self and the world around you, the more freedom you have to create. I see enormous unequivocal beauty in the capacity we hold as humanity. Beyond the sovereignty, hate, and cruelty, I admire us for constantly expanding and adapting to the current affairs in place.

With this in mind, I'd like to suggest consideration on how strategies of self-transformation rely on fashion. Bodies fashion themselves through aesthetic practices, as they reflect and absorb cultural and societal values. Fashion is a language and clothing speak the words. Fashion has the power to communicate without speaking and start conversations on different topics.  

With the Summer 2021 collection, each piece reflects an aesthetic of neoclassical tones with a fresh modern aesthetic. The inspiration behind the Summer 2021 collection was a reflection upon a subtle evocation of international travel to sweet summer havens. Each piece reflects the tones of globe-trotting women who seek versatility yet effortless elegance this summer. Whether you are traveling uptown to downtown, or changing timezones, each piece in this collection will serve your every destination.  

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