Our Story

Laurenti New York is a women’s luxury brand specializing in fine jewelry and accessories. Founded by Lauren Petrovic, Laurenti New York was built on principles of timelessness, sustainability, collaboration, and cultural curiosity.

Deeply cosmopolitan, the brand draws its inspiration from the world of 20th Century Design. Our collections fuse fashion, art, and jewelry into signature designs that honor old-world craftsmanship while embracing innovative and creative practices. We aim to push boundaries and challenge norms within the traditional diamond and jewelry industry.

Our story is one of vibrant passion, and a global yet distinct style, evoked through a modern and elegant aesthetic.

 Conceived by its designer as an elevated, sophisticated, and essential style, the brand celebrates high-quality materials, traditional craftsmanship, and a modern collection of fine jewelry and accessories.

"The concept of Laurenti was started by asking, “What does it look like for a worldly woman to be timelessly elegant in a modern world?”


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