As we are living during the perennial evolving paradigms in society, more and more each day I see how important it is to capitalize on your creative self- expression - Whatever that may be.  

 Creativity is a bride to the character, and at Laurenti New York we believe our natural state lives in the realms of creative expressions of our character. Creativity and character fuse with culture, and what people bring into being is constituted by cultural currencies of educational, moral, political, and social ideals. Everyone has their own unique creative expression in the world. Some tap into it through business, politics, public service, some inventing, others the arts; But there is no doubt that each and every day there is a creative process that takes over our character. 

The tendencies of the times favor the idea of change, and dedication to conventional ideas or trends is odious. We must not project the familiar into the future; Because familiarity breeds stagnation. Progress of any international society, social culture, industry and development of humanity depend on cosmopolitan leaders and global citizens who believe in collectively using our creative expression to facilitate sound orders during the perennial evolving paradigms in society.

At Laurenti New York, we believe fashion is a wonderful channel and creative expression to unite cultures and inspire modern society. Our creativity and cultural expression is built upon the dynamic expression of business and fashion. As you shop our latest collections, you will note tones of classic international style that pay homage to the timeless ideals of grace, sophistication, and modern elegance that are the foundation of each collection. 

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