Hello everyone, and welcome to our special interview series: Embracing Elegance in the City, featuring some of the brightest minds in the world of fashion, business and luxury. Today, we are delighted to sit down with a true trailblazer in the industry, none other than the extraordinary event director, Ashley. Known for her exceptional talent in creating unforgettable experiences, Ashley effortlessly blends elegance and sophistication in the city's most memorable events. From fashion shows to intimate soirées, her unique approach to design and attention to detail have cemented her as a sought-after name. Today, we'll have the privilege of diving into Ashley's creative process, her love for fine jewelry, and how she continues to embrace elegance in the bustling city. 

As a fashion-forward woman living in the city, how do you define elegance, and how do you incorporate it into your personal style?

Elegance to me means valuing and appreciating yourself in a high regard, and exuding your authentic self in the ways that bring you true joy.

City life often demands versatile and chic looks. What are your go-to fashion pieces or accessories that effortlessly elevate any outfit?

For me, I always gravitate towards gorgeous timeless yet unique earrings, watches, and rings to elevate any outfit.

Minimalism and maximalism both have their place in the city fashion scene. Which style do you find yourself gravitating towards more, and why?

I’d describe my style as a minimal maximalist. While I love to incorporate bright, fun colors into my looks when it feels right to me, I find that I all the while tend to gravitate towards timeless silhouettes and colorways. I feel that taking a personal, unique twist to timeless looks and accessories makes me feel truly myself and my best.

Can you share a particular fine jewelry item that holds sentimental value to you and tell us the story behind it?

I have a Gucci vintage gold watch that has been passed down from my great aunt. My great aunt and Mother are both women who exude elegance and class, and the watch has that essence. It’s one of my favorite pieces to wear!

Many city women seek style inspiration. Could you share your top three fashion icons who inspire your sophisticated city looks?

Definitely. Matilda Djef is a woman who comes to mind right away, I love the Scandinavian aesthetic as a whole for pulling looks. In a general sense, Pinterest and social media apps like instagram and TikTok bring me a lot of inspiration when I’m planning my looks.

City dwellers often attend various events and functions. How do you adapt your style to suit different occasions while staying true to your fashion-forward self?

One of the best things about New York City is there’s this wonderful consensus of allowing everyone to creatively express themselves in their aesthetic and style. I think because of that, as well as the fact that I tend to stick to a uniquely timeless style, my outfits tend to be transferable to any occasion. There’s always ways to elevate an outfit through your accessories, and vice versa.

We know that fragrance can be a powerful expression of personal style. What perfume scent are you currently loving, and why does it resonate with you?

I’ve become infatuated with mixing scents, because it makes it even more personal to you. My current favorites are For Her by Narciso Rodriguez and Parfum de Marly by Oriana. They both have this balance of sweet and sultry that I absolutely adore. 

In your opinion, what essential fine jewelry items should every woman have in her collection to make a statement without being overwhelming?

A great pair of earrings. Or,  I would say a couple of rings that go with everything.

City living can be fast-paced and dynamic. How do you balance the desire to stay on-trend with timeless and classic fashion pieces?

I definitely think it’s important to continue evolving in your style. It’s really just finding a balance on seeing if it’s something you can see yourself wearing long term. I typically don’t buy things on the spur of the moment. It’s also seeing if the trends compliment your timeless pieces you already have in your wardrobe. 

The fashion and jewelry industry is becoming more conscious of sustainability and ethical practices. As a prominent figure, how do you support or engage with brands that align with these values?

As an Event Director in New York City, I frequently work alongside fashion and accessory designers. It’s very important to me to use my platform and my role as a consumer to highlight and support designers I believe in, in any way I can.  

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