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Our Approach

When purchasing jewelry, trust, provenance transparency matter. Laurenti New York redefines responsible luxury with blockchain jewelry. A major part of our commitment is to provide a verified record and proof of your jewelry. With that, we provide our customers with a blockchain-enabled certificate of authenticity card to easily trace the provenance and authenticate your jewelry. Choosing to claim this added utility verifies the authenticity, provides proof of ownership, and allows customers to unlock in-person experiences.

The card also certifies the integrity and grades of your jewelry, and is backed by our warranty. Other diamond reports, do not carry such guarantees and even carry disclaimers that the contents of the reports, including diamond grades, may differ if the diamond is examined in the future. Laurenti New York not only maintains the highest grading standards but also holds itself accountable for the accuracy of its diamond grades and ethical sourcing.

This card is important moving forward as it will also be of use when accessing particular services available. Elevate your purchase by submitting a photo and story, receiving a card that transforms your story into a unique, one-of-one NFT. This card, a tap away from revealing your jewelry's certified authenticity and sustainable story, bridging your jewelry's journey with your journey. 

Your Laurenti ownership certificate

Jewelry purchased from January 1st, 2024, and onwards allow access to a digitalized Ownership Certificate.

Seamless connectivity

Discover the innovation of Laurenti New York's Ownership Certificate. With just a tap of your phone, unlock a wealth of information including material details, certifications, care guidelines, design inspiration, artisan craftsmanship insights, brand stories, and even the option to add your personal touches. Immerse yourself in the digital journey of your jewelry, harmonizing technology with timeless traditions effortlessly.

Capture, store, and cherish memories

Embrace the essence of your legacy with Laurenti New York’s Ownership Certificate, a gateway to preserving and honoring your valued memories. Convert beloved photos and narratives into customized mementos, securely preserved and readily available. This feature empowers you to cultivate a compilation of significant moments that render your jewelry uniquely yours, fostering an everlasting connection with your dearest reminiscences.

Creating a circular economy

Laurenti New York jewelry retains its value and is meticulously crafted to become coveted collector's pieces over time. Our commitment to establishing a robust secondary market ensures that you can effortlessly trade, gift, or resell your cherished jewelry items whenever you choose.

How it works


Following your purchase, a member of our team will connect with you to inquire if you wish to include photos and either your personal story or a message from the buyer. This content will be included into the Ownership Certificate. Capturing the personal story is optional.

Receive and tap to claim and unlock

Upon receiving your exquisite piece and ownership certificate, simply tap your phone to the card to access the link and unveil a treasure trove of information, from your personal mementos to intricate material specifics, gemstone certifications, and beyond. Experience your jewelry come to life at your fingertips.

share and interact

Immerse yourself in captivating storytelling content, granting you exclusive access to utilities and in-person events. Share your experiences with your community, explore digital wearables, gift to loved ones, or seamlessly navigate the resale process with ease.

Our services

Complimentary shipping

Shop our creations and receive complimentary shipping on all orders shipping within the US.

Complimentary returns & exchanges

Not completely satisfied? We offer complimentary returns and exchanges on all online orders.


Personalize your creation with a unique engraving.

iconic gift wrapping

Each creation comes beautifully hand-wrapped in a complimentary gift wrapping.

custom design

No additional costs. Work with our team to create your dream design.

certificate of Ownership

Each design by Laurenti comes with a complimentary Certificate of Ownership backed by our Full Warranty.

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