In a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected, the choices we make as consumers can have a profound impact on the global community. As an independent fine jewelry company, we at Laurenti New York believe in advocating for living global and investing local. We understand the importance of fueling community-led solutions and championing sustainability not only within the jewelry industry but also in the wider world. From the very beginning, our commitment to transparency, sustainability, and ethical sourcing has shaped our mission and continues to guide us today.

Fueling Community-Led Solutions:

At Laurenti New York, we firmly believe that fostering community-led solutions is crucial for long-term sustainability. By investing in local communities, we not only contribute to their economic growth but also empower them to find innovative solutions to the challenges they face. From collaborating with nonprofits to supporting community-led artisan mining cooperatives, we strive to fuel initiatives that prioritize the well-being of both people and the environment.

A Commitment to Sustainability:

As custodians of the jewelry industry, we recognize the urgent need for increased sustainability. From responsible sourcing of materials to minimizing our carbon footprint, we are dedicated to leaving a positive impact on the world around us. Each piece of jewelry that leaves our studio undergoes a stringent process to ensure it meets our strict sustainability standards.

We place great emphasis on sourcing materials ethically, seeking out suppliers who adhere to fair labor practices and environmentally responsible mining techniques. By actively engaging in responsible sourcing, we not only reduce the negative social and environmental impacts associated with the jewelry industry but also support the livelihoods of artisanal miners and their communities.

Transparency and Ethical Practices:

Transparency is the cornerstone of our operations. We understand that ensuring ethical practices is essential, and this begins with full disclosure. We take great pride in sharing the origin and journey of our materials, providing customers with complete visibility into our supply chain. This level of transparency allows consumers to make informed choices and support companies that align with their values.

At Laurenti New York, we firmly believe that living global and investing local is the path towards a sustainable future for the jewelry industry and beyond. By advocating for community-led solutions, we empower local communities. Our commitment to sustainability, transparency, and ethical sourcing serves as a testament to our dedication to making a positive impact.

Join us on this journey, where each jewelry purchase carries a story of empowerment, sustainability, and ethical values. Together, let's support the growth of a global community that values the beauty of fine jewelry while working towards a brighter and more sustainable world.


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