At Laurenti New York we believe in the importance of being a cosmopolite in todays modern world.  This means thinking global and acting local. In today's fast paced world, where social media platforms dominate, it has become more critical than ever to have a supportive community IRL, especially for women. 

We are dedicated to helping women achieve success, both personally and professionally. When you make a purchase from Laurenti New York, you instantly become part of our community. As we hone in on empowerment, community, and success, we believe in helping other women along their journey and want to see more women pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. Our focus is on creating a community of like-minded women to share their passions, celebrate life, and the community. Through networking and local events, we are dedicated to supporting other women to reach their full potential.  


We are a passionate community, invested in the future. Our members are committed to creating and collaborating in order to make a difference in the world. We are seeking to grow our community with other curious individuals who believe in our vision, and strive to improve themselves and look around to determine whom they can best help and how. Our distinguished community consists of the next generation of trailblazing entrepreneurs, world leaders, executives, artists, collectors, and tastemakers who think global and act local.   

We believe this life is yours to govern, and a cosmopolitan governs it gracefully! We invite you to join us on this journey. To learn more and get involved with our community, please reach out to us with any questions here!



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