[00:00] Introduction and Edahn’s Journey into the Diamond Industry

[03:29] Data Research and Analysis in the Diamond Industry

[03:29] Edahn starts his company

[07:18] Current state of the Global Diamond Industry

[13:15] Impact of US Presidential Elections on the Diamond Industry

[17:34] Industry Practice and Ethics

[32:53] G7 Sanctions on Russian Diamonds and Kimberley Process.

[40:32] Chain of Custody and Traceability Protocol

[42:07] Consumer Perspective and Retailer Opportunity

[43:07] Proving Ethical Activity and Addressing Criticism

[46:23] Opportunities for Brands and Retailers

[47:36] Preparing for Upcoming Regulations

[48:09] Building Trust and Liability

[48:51] Digital Tracking and Storytelling

[52:04] Future Opportunities and Aligning with Russian Sanctions

[01:01:09] Consumer Demand for Sustainability

[01:03:22] Future of Sustainability in the Diamond and Jewelry Industry

[01:03:48] Key Factors for Long-term Sustainable Development

[01:11:50] Transparency and Communication


Guest Speaker: Edahn Golan

Website: Edahngolan.com

Website: Tenoris.bi

X: @edahn


For comments, questions, or speaker ideas:

Email: concierge@laurentinewyork.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lauren-petrovic/


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